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We are open to all your inquiries and suggestions.
Send us a message. We will answer your inquiries about our products and sevices.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Country Contact person Telephone
America (Hyosung Holdings USA, Inc.) Hal Martens +1-843-478-3710 Inquiry
America (Hyosung Holdings USA, Inc.) Greg Hearn +1-704-860-5398 Inquiry
Brazil (Hyosung do Brazil) Bruno Valesin +55-11-5185-4216 Inquiry


Country Contact person Telephone
Germany (Frankfurt Office) Markus v. Sternheim +49-6172-85532-31 Inquiry
Italy (Hyosung Europe S.R.L) Luigi Branca +39-0298862558 Inquiry
Spain (Barcelona Office) Juan Carlos Pasamon +34-93-430-7735 Inquiry
Turkey (Hyosung Corporation Istanbul Office) CS Song 90-212-284-1601 Inquiry


Country Contact person Telephone
China (Hyosung Jiaxing) Ren Jian +86-138-2628-9956 Inquiry


Country Contact person Telephone
ASIA (Hysoung Corporation) US Chang +8227077217 Inquiry
Hongkong (Hyosung International HK Ltd.) Sam Lam +852-2825-9810 Inquiry
Hongkong (Hyosung International HK Ltd.) YT Kim +852-2845-6778 Inquiry
India (India Pvt Ltd.) Dongsung Park +91-9910525324 Inquiry
India (India Pvt Ltd/Ludhiana) Vivek Kumar +91-7503120124 Inquiry
India (India Pvt Ltd/Mumbai) Dinesh Keswani +91-7600756956 Inquiry
India (India Pvt LtdDelhi) Ajay Kumar +91-9811120506 Inquiry
India (India Pvt LtdTirupur) Sudhir Patil +91-9843037273 Inquiry
Indonesia (Jakarta Office) Andri Muliana +62-815-8642-1531 Inquiry
Indonesia (Jakarta Office) Sangsoo Im +62-21-526-6475 Inquiry
Japan (Hyosung Japan Osaka Branch) Mutsumi Goto +81-6-6264-0778 Inquiry
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Office) Chan See Mun +603-203-12416 Inquiry
Taiwan (Taipei Office) Jaewon Chang +886-2-2758-4636 Inquiry
Vietnam (Hochiminh Office) Tran Dinh Vu (David) +84-2838-275-720 Inquiry
Vietnam (Hochiminh Office) Simon Hong +84-91-802-9115 Inquiry

Hyosung Corporation (H.Q)

If your country is not included in the above list, please contact to overseas sales team from H.Q.

Country Contact person Telephone
Hyosung Corporation H.Q (Diaper) Bongku Choi +82-2-707-7037 Inquiry
Hyosung Corporation H.Q (Global Marketing) Teddy Oh +82-2-707-7789 Inquiry
Hyosung Corporation H.Q (Textile/Asia) Byungsoo Kang +82-2-707-7342 Inquiry
Hyosung Corporation H.Q (Textile/Korea) Kiung Kim +82-2-707-7135 Inquiry