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It’s time to have some fun as textures and colors combine to create riveting surface effects that stand out from the crowd. Less is more is out, as the new mantra is focused on more is more, as exciting surface effects feature in both physically constructed fabrics through to optically appealing textures. This direction is about enticing the consumer to buy with intriguing textures that translate through to innovative garment construction.

A look to the past inspires fabric structures, as more intricate styles come through in lighter weights due to today’s technology and yarn offering. This about breaking the rules, offering something that goes against the grain, exciting and unruly textures that will stimulate the senses and energize the consumer. Blistered surfaces, raised jacquards and a push in new decorative mesh feature alongside a clever use of yarn combinations that bring added detail to the surface.

creora® Black is essential for bestselling black intimate apparel in traditional covered yarns, through to bare application being exposed and used as both function and a visual effect when teamed with vibrant tones.
creora® Color+ is imperative in delivering a bolder offering and vibrant finish to brighter tones. Anything goes in this direction, with textile manufacturers taking a key role in creativity, giving brands the opportunity to be a lot more playful in the final garment, incorporating enticing and textural appeal within garment construction to create innovative detail without neglecting the desired power, fit and support.

intimate - folly


  • · creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex, now available with higher power
  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane for eliminating grin-through
  • · creora® PowerFit – high powered spandex/elastane


  • · MIPAN® opal – bright and radiant nylon
  • · silky – luxury-touch polyester
  • · Super bright tri-lobal yarns for cross yarn delivery or dazzling all-over surface effect
  • · prizma – cationic dyed polyester for vibrant tones
  • ·

    high level tri-lobal nylon for dazzling results especially teamed with the seasonal color palettes that shout out from the crowd


  • · Glistening featherweight circular knits with good levels of power
  • · Erratic raised surface effects – blistered finishes and seer sucker
  • · Raised relief stretch laces – light to high powered
  • · Contrasting yarn dyed knits
  • · Let loose on jacquard constructions to create interesting surface effects
  • · Clean cut technology brings in 21st Century functional fabrics to compliment 3D surface effects
  • · Bonded fabrics for a clean finish on bra wings and cups
  • · Micro featherweight knits for bra cup liners – the perfect base for layering exaggerated openwork structures
  • · Ruffled and decorative elastic narrows
  • · Micro plisse structures – decorative yet demure
  • · Expose creora® Black with contrasting vibrant tones to deliver melange effects
  • · Emboss the interior of spacer and foam bra cups for enhance push-up
  • · 3D digital prints – deceptively textural


  • · Teen fashion lingerie – bralettes through to briefs in mix’n’match collections
  • ·

    Frivolous fashion lingerie with a high level of function in terms of fit – the Millennial consumer is looking for a distraction from the mundane

  • · A new level of luxury looks for the more discerning consumer – a hint of daring but classic in flat fabric