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Sophisticated swimwear that deliver an high level of performance from creora spandex/elastane. It’s time to be daring, to dazzle and shine as swimwear fashion fabrics become incredibly techno in appearance from intense compact structures to gleaming finishes. There is a clean and futuristic appeal, as laser cutting comes to the forefront in offer cut-away effects through to layering contrasting tones. Surface luster is elevated to a new level, delivering a renewed vibrancy to the swimwear market.

A high level of perfection infiltrates this direction, as fabrics embrace the body like a second skin, moving effortlessly yet delivering a strong shaping effect through high compression outer-shells or liners. creora® highclo features, increasingly becoming the standard for super chlorine resistance, ensuring fabrics retain their power for longer, with creora® Color+ delivery enhance depth to colors.

The appearance of fabrics can be intense and vibrant through to overtly brash, from subtly classy to downright glamorous. Whatever the direction, this is swimwear that is meant to be seen, especially with the inclusion of high power in the form of smoothing and sculpting the body.

swimwear - enlightened


  • · creora® highclo™ – odor-neutralizing spandex/elastane
  • · creora® PowerFit – high powered spandex/elastane
  • ·

    NEW creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex/elastane for vibrant tones, now available in higher power for enhanced fit and shaping


  • · MIPAN® opal – for high level opalescent finish
  • · MIPAN® pastel – for understate opulence
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X – cool touch and UV protection for
  • · askin – cool touch and UV protection polyester
  • · Iridescent yarns for illuminating effects
  • · Decorative plastic and metallic trims to enhance the dominance of solid tones


  • · Circular and warp knits take on a futuristic perfection – surfaces are acutely smooth
  • ·

    Polished structures with high power embrace the body pulling technology from the intimate apparel shapewear sector

  • · Luxury touch
  • · Intense tones and a modern day vibrancy features
  • · Surface luster from semi bright to iridescent
  • ·

    Fluid circular knits can be manipulated in the outer-shell, ruched and pleated for 3D structure, placed over high powered, super soft body liners and power mesh inserts

  • ·

    Fabrics that can withstand clean cut and laser cutting for decorative appeal and striking contrasts when bonded onto contrasting solid base colors

  • · High level opalescence
  • · Intense tones
  • ·

    Contrasting colored cross dye yarns create two-tone structures that create unusual tones in the light – enhance further through high levels of brilliance

  • ·

    This is solid colors to the core – developing quality warp and circular knit fabrics that brands can use to create the detail at the garment stage


  • · High powered shaping swimwear that delivers body confidence to the wearer
  • ·

    Rash guard styling is incorporated into swimsuits and bikinis – an added shaping aspect to give consumers confidence when they have to bare all on the beach

  • ·

    The traditional shape wear sector inspires as tummy and butt shaping high powered compression outer shell and power linings sculpt key areas

  • ·

    Coordinated beach collections that cross over into active living – pieces that work perfectly on the beach through to shopping in the supermarket delivering added value to consumers