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Longevity drives the pro and fitness swimwear market, where creora highclo is the essential super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane. Lightweight circular and warp knits feature, with perfect compact surfaces reducing drag in the water and enhancing the swimmer’s performance. A high level of technicity features, as the fabrics proposed withstand the rigor of pushing through, instead effortlessly glide during swimming. Fabric weights are light, literally second skin in application for an unlimited experience.

Clean cut and bonded seams reduce any slowing down, delivering a smoother seamless style and finish. Surfaces range from matte to brilliance, with color playing a pivotal role, injecting a new sense of style, vibrant in appearance with creora® Color+ dyeable spandex/elastane for intense tones. Consider hydrophobic finishes for a water repellant experience, further enhancing the speed through the water, in drag resistant qualities.

While competitive and lane swimming continues to pursue black and dark tones, make way for a new approach through color and contrasts. This about excelling, beating personal records with fabrics that morph and protect the body. Fitness swimwear demands creora® highclo for longevity and takes on a livelier inspiration as reversible pieces and prints come through. The demand for body sculpting power is required as is the versatility of gym to swim pieces.

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  • · creora® highclo™ – super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for longevity
  • · creora® Color+ – dyeable spandex/elastane for strong colors
  • · creora® eco-soft – high power spandex/elastane compression knits for core stability and chlorine resistance


  • · Polypropylene for buoyancy, ultra light, super quick dry performance
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X – quick dry and multifunctional nylon including UV protection
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X melange – functionality with visual appeal
  • · askin – quick dry polyester with UV protection
  • · Chlorine resistant embroidery and stitching thread
  • · Phosphorescent yarns


  • · High power compression knits in circular an warp knits
  • · Clean cut warp knits with an anti-porous appeal
  • · Bonded seams for a flawless drag reduction
  • · Neoprene-inspired structures – spongey to touch
  • · Double-side knits – contrasting solid tones or enhance further with prints
  • · Super chlorine resistance power mesh
  • · Micro compact paper-touch knits – dry touch
  • · Contrasting yarns for effervescent and energetic appeal
  • · Soft touch, high powered mesh and circular knits for added dimension in the form of liners
  • · Luminosity features from yarns through to finishes and prints
  • · Polychromatic print effects
  • · Perfect surfaces – polished or matte
  • · Iridescent transfer prints and sublimation prints
  • · Iridescent PU taping for decorative detail and an extra layer of core compression support.
  • · Coordinating sports-inspired cover ups
  • · Laser punch out
  • · Super chlorine resistant and quick dry fabrics are essential to this market


  • · Competitive and fitness lane swimming
  • · Triathlon
  • ·

    Aqua aerobics, aqua gym, aqua spinning – high impact performance workouts in chlorinated pools – core stability and sports-styled bikini tops with excellent fit and support

  • · Gym-to-swim applications – added value to the consumer
  • · Shaping sports swimwear – high powered shaping, core stability and breast support
  • · Surfing and Supping – stand-up paddling – rash guards